Dead Laptop, Raspberry Pi and Windows Terminal inspired by with a touch of dracula

Dead Laptop, Raspberry Pi and Windows Terminal

April 28, 2020 #100DaysToOffload Day 1

As a preface, I am someone who spends most the time with my laptop, whether it be watching movies or poking the kernel with a stick to see what happens.
About a week ago I opened up the laptop for a quick cleaning. After cleaning when I put it back together, it doesn't want to turn on anymore. Long story short, I have no way of accessing any of the files on it or continue any of the work I've been doing. After a few days of just sitting around not able to do anything, and no way to fix the laptop, I ended up with a Raspberry Pi connected to the TV. (Good thing I bought it when it came out). Although I got a computer to use, I couldn't use it when someone's watching something on the TV. So, I setup ssh on it so I can access it from my phone too.
Today, I found out that the new Windows Terminal application in Windows can work flawlessly with Linux too, and Powershell comes with an OpenSSH port built in. I didn't always like Windows, so it has been about 2-3 years since I used Windows and I didn't know much about Windows Terminal or Powershell. Dad's laptop (is running Windows and I'm not allowed to put linux on it) was just sitting there and I decided to use it to SSH in to the Pi. Thanks to Tmux, Neovim and many other text/curses based programs, now I can do almost everything on the Pi.
I'm writing this in Neovim running on a Raspberry Pi over an SSH connection from a Windows laptop.