Mosh: the mobile shell inspired by with a touch of dracula

Mosh: the mobile shell

May 1, 2020 #100DaysToOffload Day 4

I recently came accross a piece of software called Mosh, short for mobile shell. On it's website it says it is a replacement for interactive SSH terminals. I found this software pretty useful because unlike traditional SSH, Mosh doesn't stutter on unstable connections like WiFi or cellular. Even if the network conection drops out the terminal is not killed and it resumes as soon as the connection is restored, unlike SSH which kills the terminal and anything running in it when the connection is lost. This comes realy handy for people who are using their laptops(which most people probably are) to access remote machines, since the laptop can be put to sleep or can be moved around between different connections without any worries. I've been using tmux to get this behavior(among others) until now. But it is nice to know that other alternatives exist. Another amazing thing is that, Mosh doesn't require any configurations on either the client or the server side. A binary mosh-client runs on the client and mosh-server on the server. It doesn't need any listeners running on the server either. the server binary starts running only when a connection is started and it terminates with the connection.
It still requires to have SSH configured since the connection is started using an existing SSH configuration, then the server is started and the client connects to it.
Check out Mosh here.