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2020-04-27: Chrome Force Reload

Today I learned that it is possible to make Chrome reload css files, instead of using the one's in the cache, by keeping the Dev Tools open and pressing Ctrl+Shift+R

2020-04-27: hash built-in in bash

Today (actually it was 2 days ago, but I had to write something here) I learned about hash, a feature in bash that prevents it from having to look through the $PATH every time a command is entered. It does this by caching commands and their paths in memory. Although this makes finding and executing comamnds faster, it has a drawback when the path for a command, which bash has already cached, changes on disk. In such a situation, bash only looks at the path it has cached and ends up throwing a "file not found". The hash feature can be disabled by adding set +h to the .bashrc or equivalent. Read more about it and more here under "Shell Builtin Commands".